Dragon Taming: From Boys to Young Men is a parenting program designed to bring teenage boys into young manhood. More than a behavior management program, Dragon Taming is a theoretically sound and practically tested set of knowledge and skills to mature boys into young men with purpose, passion, integrity, confidence and compassion: the young men they were born to become.

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Dragon Taming answers these questions frequently asked by parents:

  • Why doesn’t he just do what he’s suppose to do?
  • Why does he spend so much time texting, playing video games or on the computer?
  • Why is he so lazy?
  • Why does he argue and fight all the time?
  • Why does he stay in his room?
  • Why does he swear so much?
  • Why doesn’t he have any interest or passion in anything?
  • Why doesn’t he talk?
  • Why does he push my buttons?
  • Why does he ignore me?
  • Why doesn’t he do his homework, study, or get better grades?
  • Why doesn’t he do what I tell him to do?

Customer Testimonials

“I found your presentations to be insightful and full of wisdom. Our home is so much calmer.”
– LeAnne

“I wanted to thank you for your DVD’s. The portions that addressed “Nothing for Free” and “Purpose, Mission and Dreams” really resonated with me.”
– Kathy

“A patient of mine bought your Dragon Tamer dvd and is communicating much better with his teenager. I will continue to recommend them to other patients/parents.”
– Dr. Erik

Ted Braude is the director of the BoysWork Project, a Licensed Master Social Worker and an expert on boys. A therapist, mentor, martial artist, musician and writer, he brings boys into young manhood. He’s worked with boys and their families for over 30 years, conducted training groups with boys, consulted with schools in developing boy-friendly education programs, supervised their staffs and trained their boys. He’s presented workshops and programs for boys, parents, educators, youth assistance workers, librarians, criminal justice personnel and other professionals.

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Dragon Taming: From Boys to Young Men
Four videos program for parents and all adults faced with the challenges and trials of bringing boys into young manhood.

Video One: Power, Conflict and Love
For teenage boys, everything is about power. This video gives you everything necessary to understand the fundamental natures of power, conflict and love and their functions in transforming boys into young men.

Video Two: Putting Into Practice
A practical, nuts and bolts, down to earth set of practices to develop the embodied abilities and behavioral skills to engage with teenage boys effectively in their becoming young men.

Video Three: Nothing for Free
The golden rule: when a boy enters adolescence, nothing is for free. This video offers the reasons for and the methods of applying the rule so the boys can develop their own power, confidence, responsibility and skill.

Video Four: Purpose, Mission and Dreams
The heart and soul of becoming young men is the path of making dreams come true. This video is the essential road map for this most important role parents and other adults play in his life: awakening his purpose through the path of pursuing his dreams.

Buy DVD set ($59.95)
Download/Stream Digital ($10)
Rent Digital ($5)