Is The BoysWork Project Inclusive and Diverse?


I had a wonderful and enlightening conversation with a friend and colleague the other day. We were discussing an opportunity to bring BoysWork to her community when the subject of diversity and inclusion come up. She commented on how, even in her relatively small community, there was a high level of attention and conversation regarding diversity and inclusion and wondered how they were addressed by the BoysWork Project.

The BoysWork Project has always been inclusive. We’ve worked with all kinds of boys, their families, and their communities, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or gender identification. And, we don’t ignore girls and women at all! Why? Because girls and women are in relationship with boys (as mothers, sisters, relatives, teachers, etc.) and have deep vested interests in boys developing into the young men they were born to become whether that is gay, straight, bi, gender neutral and, in the lives of boys that it is their true path, to change their physical make up to be congruent with their true natures.

Boys who have passed through the BoyWork Project have had every skin color: black, brown, yellow, red and white – and lots of mixed colors as well. They’ve come from many religions: Catholic, Protestant, Non-denominational, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Baha i or no religion at all. Gay boys, straight boys, bi-sexual boys, and gender neutral boys have participated in the BoysWork Project. Boys with physical ailments and illnesses, as well as, a variety of psychological conditions, have been welcomed at the BoysWork Project. For testimonials:

The BoysWork Project has been invited and warmly received at the local Muslim Unity Center three times, presented at several Catholic schools, participated in programs at the Jewish Federation Institute and meetings at the Frankel Jewish Academy, and has addressed parents, faculty and boys in public and private schools with a variety of student bodies. We have worked in suburban, urban and rural communities regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation or political persuasion.

I am pleased and proud to write that the BoysWork Project has always been inclusive. It has never been interested in excluding or “shaping” boys. The BoysWork Project is singularly devoted to serving boys in their becoming the men they were born to become – each to reveal and unfold his own unique genius to better be able to fulfill his destiny in the world. That is all boys and, therefore, all who care about their welfare and well-being, for the sake of us all. We’re all in this lifetime and in our communities on this Earth together.

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