Mission Statement:
The BoysWork Project serves boys across the age span to become the men they were born to become by providing programs for boys, their families and their communities. The absence of an accepted cultural context of “man”creates an enormous downward pressure and chaos for boys. They crave the environment, context, relationships and practices necessary to become young men. The mission of the BoysWork Project is to provide services to create the conditions for the boys to become purposeful, passionate, potent and productive:  the men in they were born to become.

About Ted Braude – The Boy Whisperer
Ted BraudeTed Braude, the “Boy Whisperer” and founder of The BoysWork Project, is an integral psychologist, a License Master Social Worker and an expert on boys. An author, therapist, mentor, a martial artist, a musician, and a writer, he brings boys into young manhood helping them develop into the men they were born to become.

Ted has a MA in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology from the Merrill-Palmer Institute and a BA from Oakland University.