What About the Girls?

BoysWork has done a lot of good for boys across the age span, their families and their communities. Sometimes parents, teachers and administrators ask me “well, what about the girls?” The truth is, girls and women also benefit deeply. Girls have personalities too. They engage in control battles, power struggles, and games with hidden agendas […]

The Heart of the Man

“What’s the point?” The question nags at him all the time. Approaching 40 years old, it’s always been there either gnawing in the background or front and center in his face. It makes him feel like crap. Push it away. Tell the story that he has “a good life” and indulge in something to quiet […]

It's No Picnic Being A Boy

  It’s no picnic being a boy these days. The pressures are large and the pay-offs seem small. There seems to be little understanding of what it is to be a boy. He’s often faces a distaste or outright  disapproval of physical movement and activity. He’s expected to be still and quiet when his body/mind […]