Ted Braude
No one knows boys, their challenges and their inner-workings like Ted Braude. As a psychologist and therapist for over 30 years, Ted is a highly sought-after speaker and author. His engaging style connects with boys of all ages as well as their parents, teachers, and other staff who all participate in the boys becoming young men. For boys to develop as passionate, productive, purposeful and potent young men, a change is required in what they encounter with parents and other adults. Ted shares a new understanding and experience of power, conflict and love that is crucial for boys to transition into young manhood. His training, educational consulting and programs are for (see list of past clients to right):

  • boys
  • parents
  • educators & school professionals
  • therapists
  • clergy
  • criminal justice personnel
  • professional & community groups
  • government officials
  • businesses and community leaders

The talks and programs that Ted creates are dedicated to teaching, training and providing the contexts that boys need to mature into the young men they were born to become. This new perspective alleviates conflicts and improves relationships — transforming the lives of boys, young men, parents, and educators alike.

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Professional Development Program

BoysWork Project Professional Development Program  (Download PDF here)
Boys are in desperate need to be in relationships with adults who embody and model mature adultness. Boys need to be taken seriously and their dreams accepted as real and viable.

Many therapists are reluctant to work with boys, especially teenage boys, because they find it very challenging, difficult, and frustrating to work with them. The BoysWork Professional Development Program has a proven methodology for engaging boys across the age span successfully to become the men they were born to become.


Popular Presentation Topics

Ferocious Love: Mothering Teenage Boys  (Download PDF here)
The bind mothers find themselves in with their teenage sons is excruciating. They love the [not so little anymore] buggers and they drive them crazy…their nurturing, caring, prompting and “trying to get him to” falls flat on its face. Their best efforts result in rude, disobedient, sullen, neglectful if not profane and obnoxious behavior.

A teenage boy needs his mother’s ferocious love: a love that includes, but transcends the affectionate nurture he received as a little boy. Ferocious Love introduces mothers to the understanding and skills needed to bring a halt to his bad behavior and shepherd the boy into young manhood.

School As a GameTM  (Download PDF here)
School does not make sense to lots of boys. The concept as a place to learn, the necessity of doing the work and its importance to their future is not realistic to them. Too many do badly even though they hate getting bad grades.

“School As A Game” makes sense to boys. Boys love games, understand games, and naturally want to win at games. This game is called “school” and the purpose is to “score points.” Like any game, it has rules, levels of play, a time frame, tactics, strategies, and practice. Play by the rules, you score points. The better you play, the more points you score. Boys win in every sense of the word. So do the parents, teachers, schools, and communities.

Bring Your Balls to the Game: Fathering the Boys  (Download PDF here)
Ted BraudeBoys are born to become men and fathering them along the path has never been a cakewalk. Conflicts, pitfalls, frustrations and inexplicable feelings can overwhelm the moments of joy, pride and elation. The closer the boy moves to manhood, the rockier the terrain. With the collapse of an accepted cultural model of manhood and the “ascent of women,” the challenge of fathering boys has reached an apex.
“Bring Your Balls to the Game” provides a foundation of knowledge, a tested set of skills and a roadmap for fathering the boys into manhood.

BoysWork: Play and Strength for Men in the Making
Young boys are a breed of their own who continue to confound grown ups of all persuasions. Well, the mystery can be revealed in two words: play and strength. Learn all about “boyswork,” the magic of boys as men in the making, and becoming wizards guiding them on their paths.

How Boys Become Men
Teenage boys are lost. Fewer boys are completing high school, college or professional schools. They’re entering the work world absent maturity, a work ethic and a purpose. College admissions counselors and job recruiters are baffled. Often even the one’s “on course” and “doing well” are lost on the path. And those “off course” are all over the place. No map, little guidance, a mess of mixed messages, images and myths they can’t live up to and nothing but BS from their friends. Becoming a man is very confusing.
Men is what they were born to become and what they really want more than anything. And we can guide them into young manhood. They cannot get there on their own. They need us. Come find out how boys become men.

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