It's No Picnic Being A Boy



It’s no picnic being a boy these days. The pressures are large and the pay-offs seem small. There seems to be little understanding of what it is to be a boy. He’s often faces a distaste or outright  disapproval of physical movement and activity. He’s expected to be still and quiet when his body/mind wants to move and engage. He finds few adults (if any) who understand the importance and significance of day-dreaming, imagination and introspection. This is on top of a virtually total disregard for imaginative-imitative play. And a constant competition and pressure to perform and be the best, while ignoring how natural competition for lots and lots of boys is playfully building interior strength. He lives with an endless barrage of images of man that are either a bumbling fool, a hyper-muscular violent destroyer, or an anti-hero. Finally, there is a high likelihood of receiving a psychological diagnosis, particularly ADD and ADHD. It’s no picnic being a boy these days.

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